The cooled keg draft system is a modern and simple way to draft beers with a lot of advantages.

Easy cleaning system By ANTOINE

For quick and efficient cleaning of keg coolers installations.

Benefits :

  • Cleaning or replacement of the line is not necessary between each keg.
  • Waste is limited due to the number of limited cleaning.
  • The cleaning must be done once a month and whenever the installation is stopped.
  • The cleaning procedure is done in 10 minutes and does not require technical knowledge.


  • The risk of infection is limited because the temperature of all parts is kept between 2 and 4 ° C.
    Limited risk of supersaturation.


  • No loss of beer.
  • Rinsing with water is not required between each keg.
  • 30% energy saving.
  • 40% less CO2 consumption.
Long life

Long life

LThe keg can remain open for 3 weeks without altering the taste of the beer.


  • Very easy to maintain,
  • sanitation is limited compared to a conventional installation.
  • Removable refrigeration unit.

Easy Cleaning System - Kegerator

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